200 years ago the first Tribes of Steelfrost and Amberhold constructed a watchtower to fight back the nameless monsters and protect nearby villages.

Since the watchtower is located upon a cliff overlooking the shoreline, It also served as a port and light house of sorts, and became for trade routes to have safe passage between the bordering regions.

Generations of men and women from both Steelfrost and Amberhold have maintained the tower for continued trade. Now, 200 years later, it is fully occupied by an independent tribe named Oceans Watch, led by Jaal Rye’a (who some may know as the whaler).

As a tribe consisting of descendants from both Steelfrost and Amberhold, Ocean Watch constructed a massive wall and fortress dubbed: Lux Porta (Light Gate), but the common name for the fortress among the settlers is mainly; The Wall.

Oceans Watch continues to build, aid trade, and defend settlers from the monsters of the island. If you are interested in joining the tribe to maintain the fortress, here are the positions available:

  • Guardian – maintenance crew – help all specialty positions 
  • Engineer – Base building design and Interior design.
  • Lightbringer – Secure charge light creatures and tames.
  • Sentinals – Combat efficient patrollers and defenders.

If interested in joining, hop on the server and ask for Jaal, or contact him directly on discord: MilesJ#5404


STEAM must first be open (and ark fully installed) before you click the connect button. Have fun!

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