A large Rock Elemental had been attacking tamed creatures along the western edge of Far’s Peak. Voradus, having lost a mighty war mount to the monster, set out in a hunting pair with his techhand Warky to slay the beast.

Engaging the Elemental in direct combat, and having expended most of their ammunition, the two were forced to fall back on hand-to-hand combat; pikes, picks and spears were all used and broken.

The battle was long and intense, the very stone of Far’s Peak buckling under both the beast’s strength and the Packmaster’s rage until finally, with the shattering of the final pike as well as many bruises and broken bones, the monster crumbled to the ground at the pair’s feet; The Pack was victorious on another Great Hunt. To honor the monster’s ferocity, Voradus bestowed the name Stonespine upon it’s remains.