In the lands of mossmire, beyond the northeast side of fars peak mountain, lies a hidden oasis home to a tribe known as “The pack”. Keeping mostly to themselves, they live a traditional lifestyle while mastering the ways of the hunter.

While hunting beasts has been a way of life throughout their generations, they also master the way of taming, in order to raise and form close bonds with their own beasts who then aid them in the hunt. 

However, It’s rumored that 200 years ago, The Pack split from the original mossmire tribe (led by Helena Walker), due to clashing beliefs of how the pack raised and bred their beasts for combat. The Pack traveled far north past the fars peak mountain to isolate themselves from mossmire, but continued their traditions and ways of life on their own. 

Most recently, one of the pack members known as Voradus, victoriously defeated a monster Giganotosaurus that had terrorized the village for two decades. Such a feat would make Vordus the Alpha Hunter of his generation, allowing him to rightfully claim the title of packmaster.

Having claimed the giganotosaurus heart as his trophy, he denied the claim as “leader” to avoid attracting any outside political attention to the tribe, in favor of prolonging the quiet and peaceful lifestyle of the village.


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