The Red Pillar Pub is next to lush palm trees, and sandy beaches. 80/35

A featured Ark Survival Evolved PVE role-play location on the DinosInTheSky Server. Tribe: Merchant Alliance – Leader: Lee-Roy

If that’s not enough to pay a visit to the red tavern pub, perhaps the local brew and the Island’s best chef will attract your attention!

Spoiler: Yes, BulbDog is the islands best chef… (they’re hiring)

The pub offers amazing food In a tavern themed with red and black…

and a pirate ship for the rowdy crowd out back.

Jump into the server and visit the red tavern pub yourself:


Visitors can share a painting that will forever remain on the walls of the pub.

Painting: Duck on water (on canvas)
Artist: KinglyCacti – Pub dish washer

If you are interested in joining the Merchant Alliance, contact “Lee-Roy” In-game or message him direct on discord: Legoman249#1478