Two hundred years ago,

survivors mysteriously awoke upon this island with nothing but their own will to survive. Three survivors, in particular, began leading more significant groups of people across the island, forming tribes.
The leaders’ were known as Edmund Rockwell, Helena Walker, and Mei-Yin, each with their distinct ideas and ways of life that later shaped the three realms we know of today: Amberhold, Mossmire, and Steelfrost.

From the western coast to the southern isles, The tribes of Amberhold are a people of Justice and are known for their architecture and trading economy. Amberhold was established by Sir Edmund Rockwell, a physicist who wanted to progress civilization.
The eastern coast and southern marshlands, The tribes of Mossmire are a people of tradition and are known for their superb farming and animal breeding. Mossmire was established by Helena Walker, a biologist who loved the environment.
The northern mountains and ocean icebergs, The tribes of steel frost are a people of independence and are known for their stout will and skill with crafting technology. Steelfrost was established by Mei-Yin Li, a royal warrior of rule and discipline.



You were born on the island 200 years later as a descendant of one of the original three tribes. The founding leaders have long passed away, all that remains are the lifestyle of each culture and its borders, and you carry on a tradition.


You were born outside of the islands realms and the ark entirely, with no ties to the islands culture or history. You have mysteriously arrived on the island as a survivor, unable to return to your previous life. You can remain independent, or take up a realms tradition as a new generation.

  • Be a Descendant or Independent.
  • Choose a starting realm.
  •  If Independent: Create your own narrative
  • If Descendent: Relate your own narrative around a realms history.
  • All players must recognize and respect Realm history.

Independents or Descendents are not required to permanently associate with or be honor-bound to a realm.

However your character must learn/recognize the realms they are in and cannot deny they exist.

We consider our server as light, but we ask everyone to respect server lore and other player’s roleplay so everyone can enjoy it.

There are no default starting conflicts, wars, or alliances; those situations (realm wars, civil wars, or alliances) are dynamic and solely based on the role play direction of individual participating players in agreement.


STEAM must first be open (and ark fully installed) before you click the connect button. Have fun!

Don’t forget to read our rules and check the F.A.Q