After a fun server wide event on 06/13 (INVESTIGATE 44 / 19.7!) Players found a portal to a new land, thus, introducing our first cluster with Crystal Isles map.

To accommodate all play styles in our community, we made Crystal Isles PVP on weekends and PVE during the Week. However, all rates are slightly reduced on The Crystal Isles, (from x4 to x3) and there are no Mods.

Players may have to visit The Island map to take advantage of the available Extinction, Genesis, and Aberration Dinos that are not available on the Crystal Isles Map. Perhaps Steam players may have a lucrative trade business between Epic Launcher players who are unable to access The Island Map (for now)

Our configuration of Crystal Isles accommodates the new Epic Launcher players who cannot access Steam Mods, Players who want full PVP, a chance for PVE players to explore the map, and lastly, keeps our Island map meaningful and relevant within the cluster.

During PVP Weekends on Crystal Isles, all players are KOS (Kill on sight), and all bases and tames are fair game. We are taking a hands-off approach to PVP and will only intervene if players are cheating or breaking crystal Isles rules.

Please DO NOT join Crystal Isles during the weekend, or leave your tames there if you do not wish to participate in PVP.

Admins will not re-spawn or replace any items or Dinos, and we tell all players to join and play at their own risk.



STEAM must first be open (and ark fully installed) before you click the connect button. Have fun!

EPIC PLAYERS: Join buttons only work for steam. Crystal Isles is only available for Epic Platers. To join Crystal Isles, you must first Download/Install the free Crystal Isles Map DLC, then Copy-Paste: DINOSINTHESKY.COM into the “Unnoficial Server” search bar and find our server manually.

Don’t forget to read our rules and check the F.A.Q