We the individuals and members of the tribus coetus known before the Island of Men as “Merchant Alliance”, hold ourselves to belonging to a certain set of rules and laws that should hold all within our self-governing body accountable for the actions and representation of each within. These dictata set the guidelines for how the Merchant Alliance shall proceed with business and conduct with other members of the Island of Men. All within the title of the group “Merchant Alliance” are to follow these to the upmost of their ability and continue to spread good-faith  and riches with all that seek us and shall do business with us.

  1. Pars Libertatem: This section details the freedoms and rights of all members within the “Merchant Alliance”

1A. It shall be known, that all persons who may find themselves a member or in relations to the “Merchant Alliance” come with a set of unbreakable rights and freedoms, that all who may chose to do so, may practice and perform these freedoms.

1B. Freedom of Commerce: All members within the group shall not be restricted on who may have business with, no matter the standing of the outside group with the main party of “Merchant Alliance”.

1C. Freedom of Movement and Ownership: No one member need be confined to one designated space within the island, and any who may find themselves a part of the “Merchant Alliance” may seek-out and create their own place within the confines of any hold.  They as well then may claim ownership of these creations and and any tames that they may find or claim, belong to them and will be relinquished to their full control should they ever part from the main “Merchant Alliance” host organization.

1D. Freedom of Use: Should one find themselves a part of the group, they are free and able to use any of the tames, resources, or property claimed by the “Merchant Alliance” with proper owners permissions or intent to resupply and refund (See Codex-Moderatio for more information)

1E. Freedom of Thought: Any member who finds themselves to believe there to be issues within standings of any of the “Merchant Alliance” group, or should have beliefs opposing a majority, shall not be cast out or see attack for such beliefs. Theses thoughts however, should it be found that they are practiced to cause issues with other members of the group or Island that go against the main goal and ideas of the “Merchant Alliance” are viable to hearing and trials to determine action of offenses (If any).

1F. Freedom of Trial: Members of the group of “Merchant Alliance” will find peace only with prosperity and justice for all! As such, each member who finds themselves accused  by  group leaders, group members, or outside persons, shall be given a fair trial where evidence may be given supporting or defending claims.

2. Pars Commercium:    This sections shall entail business dealings and                   commerce between members within “Merchant Alliance” and others                   throughout the Island

2A. All members may partake in dealings within the group “Merchant Alliance” or extended business with outside communities, groups, or persons. Such businesses may include but not limited to: Trade, Vendors, Barter,  Goods and Service Dealings, Entertainment, Transportation, Hauling, Etc.

2B. Defenitions:

Trade may be defined as: Exchange of goods or service for the credit of main currency form.

Barter may be defined as: Exchange of goods or service for another type of good or service.

Transportation may be defined as: The movement or aid of movement of client persons, or people from one destination to another.

Hauling may be defined as: The movement or aid of movement of client items, goods, or materials from one destination to another.

3. Pars Lex: This section entails the main ideas and purposes, goals, and                  main ideas of the group.

3A. The “Merchant Alliance” is a group of people on the Island, who have come together for the benefit of all others within the group or who find themselves likewise now as a population of the Island.

3B. The “Merchant Alliance” shall strive to be the roots of the island and create public works for the benefit of all.

3C. The “Merchant Alliance” shall be a neutral party in all forthcoming wars, skirmishes, raids, and attacks and will see ourselves take no firsthand part within such conflicts, as to keep any service fair and safe between dealings of “Merchant Alliance” and any outside group.

3D. Should the need arise that either the main host of “Merchant Alliance” be threatened or should a major threat or event appear that requires the true involvement of the group, members will dis-embed themselves from the main host to attend in any operations that may partake, while the main host supplies theses groups or any that seek to aid us and oppose the offender.

3E. No hostilities shall remain from when or if members should then return back to the main host of “Merchant Alliance” and business may resume as normal as determined by a council decision to resume dealings with aggressor.

4. Codex-Moderatio: This section is intended for the rules, and rulings of                the “Merchant Alliance” group for all members within.

4A. Members within the group, should they be found disobeying or ignorant to these rules, may be tried in a fair hearing to decide on punishment and retribution.

4B. Punishments shall be decided on a case to case basis involving the main leading bodies (Leaders and Admins of the Tribe) and a small Council of their Peers or outside persons

4C. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL, from persons, entities, or storage within or outside the group of “Merchant Alliance”

THOU SHALT NOT HARASS, persons or entities within or outside the group. Harassment may include verbal or physical assaults with intentions of inflicting physical or emotional trauma. May include the aggression against a persons downed tame with intent to kill or lower taming effectiveness. May include the blocking of doors, building rights, or accessibility into property.

THOU SHALL REQUEST, to use any resource or tame claimed by another member within the group. Should something happen to the mount, or resources acquired and the owner be of need of it, or precious in use or otherwise, the loss may fall under stealing. If you intend on using resources but plan to make it back up to the owner, be generous and return more than what was taken or equal to the amounts.

We the members of “Merchant Alliance” shall uphold these values to the best of our ability and belief and shall continue to work to the benefit of the Island and its inhabitants. Our Lex Dierum shall continue to evolve and grow as time may pass and ideas and values may change, with amendments being noted from the original documentation.

Prosperi & Libertas