The Merchant Alliance (along with contributions from some other tribes) built the island’s first public bank in the Amberhold region of the Island. 

You can find the bank Located at about 75 / 34, as a large stone structure in the middle of a plateau. The Banks Manager, Leeroy, has described that the bank is the perfect solution for starting settlers in need of help.

The bank offers 3 accounts (Personal, Personal Plus, and, Tribe) but the interesting one is the Personal Plus! Personal Plus features a small private room containing 1 smithy, 1 forge, 1 pedestal, 2 large storage boxes and 1 Bookshelf!

Personal Plus could mean the difference of life and death for new players on the island, with there only being 18 Personal Plus units available on a first-come-first-serve basis, we highly recommend new players get a unit to start off on the server.

But don’t fret, the bank offers a free “give and take” box in the main lobby, full of random items donated by other survivors. Leeroy also said there are plans to expand and add a livery unit to protect tamed dinos!

Head over to 75 / 34 and speak with Leeroy, or contact him on discord: Legoman249#1478


STEAM must first be open (and ark fully installed) before you click the connect button. Have fun!

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