Little is known about Ja’al Rye’a, other than his love for the sea.

Some of The Islands inhabitants were chatting at the local Red Pillar Pub (a local hotspot) about their misfortune of encountering the infamous Leedsichthys. (also known as “the giant fish that destroys rafts”)

Ja’al Rye’a was finishing a hot bowl of mac and cheese from the pub when he turned and told the other patrons: “Need to throw bee honey out your boat, it distracts the beasts.”

Ark Survival Evolved pve role players chatting at a pub

The patrons received Ja’al Rye’a’s advice; although no one wanted to test his advice, everyone gazed out the pub window, taking note of Ja’al Rye’a’s impressive whaler, as he left the pub and sailed away.

Cool Whaler built bay Ark Survival Evolved Role Player.

Surviving an encounter with a Leed is no small feat; perhaps Ja’al Rye’a is indeed an experienced sailor, and others should heed his advice. But here is only one way to know if honey distracts the Leeds for sure.

If you are interested in joining Ja’al on sea adventures, ask in-game or contact MilesJ#5404 on discord.