If only the original founders and tribes of Amberhold, Mossmire, and Steelfrost could see what has been unearthed 200 years later… new technology, new animal species, and teleportation within the ancient ruins of The island.

The push for human advancement is like the gold rush, as survivors continue to travel and teleport to the obelisk lairs, slaying the monster guardians that reside there to harvest precious resources.

Recently, deep rumblings within the earth have been sounding off in the northeast corner of the island, where Steelfrost and Amberhold Boarders meet, at 44 / 19.7 Perhaps the teleportation has made things unstable… and it doesn’t sound like it will get better.


  • This is a base defense – boss spawn wave style event located at THE WALL (hosted by OCEANS WATCH.)
  • Bring what you intend to get killed and lost – ADMINS WILL NOT REPLACE DINOS OR ITEMS.
  • The final wave is intended to challenge and truly test the limits of the server’s combined strength, Its possible the last wave may destroy the wall and for those participating to fail.
  • Players and personal tames WILL DIE – Plan accordingly.
  • Ingame Player deaths do not count towards roleplay during the event. (unless you want to permadeath your character)


STEAM must first be open (and ark fully installed) before you click the connect button. Have fun!

Don’t forget to read our rules and check the F.A.Q