We just launched Crystal Isles with a different style than our Island Map, we are currently updating our FAQ and RULES to reflect both servers. The information you see now is only applicable to the Island and will be updated soon

Is this mainly a PVE, RP, or PVP Server?

  • We are mainly a PVE server, that focuses on Light Roleplay. We utilize the in-game tribe war function for fun PVP events, but players are allowed to utilize tribe-war PVP individually, to its full extent, as long as participating players are in agreement with a tribe war, or for RP purposes.

Is Roleplay a requirement?

  • Our Roleplay is intended to be “light” and it is not strictly enforced. Players don’t have to directly participate, but we ask that all players respect the server lore and make an effort to be aware of the servers lore history for those who are invested in their role play.

NOTE: Going out of your way to deny lore existence or ruining other players’ stories and experience is prohibited. Simply do not engage if you do not wish to role play or politely inform the player.

“Toxic Behavior” and “Player Harassment are ban-able offenses

Is having a mic required for Roleplay?

  • No, a mic is not required for RP. Players can use both text and mics for role-playing, and we ask all players to respect one another and be understanding of their form of communication regardless.

How Do the Roleplay Realms Work?

  • The 3 Realms are merely regional locations based on geographical elements. Snow mountains would have “tough” people living there, whereas the swamps would be perfect for farmers. There are no default realm leaders, just many similar cultures within each realm. The realms have a 200-year-old history for the sake of grounding role-play. To simplify, there are farmer folk, hunter folk, and trader folk. Whether or not each realm has a strong community is 100% dependant on the player’s narratives.

How should I make my character? Am I stuck In the realm I choose?

  • Our lore is designed to be rich in the story but open-ended for light role players, so In essence, no you are not stuck in a realm. You can be a native-born hunter of steel frost who wants to live in the city of Amberhold or a native-born merchant of Amberhold who wishes to become a hunter and live in the mountains. Alternatively, your character can arrive from outside the island independently. Giving yourself a back story is all that matters, and you must respect and recognize the lore history and role play of others.

Why is stealing allowed in PVE?

  • It’s impossible to enforce no stealing despite being PVE, so we don’t enforce it. However, if players are persistent with locking doors and using pin codes, your valuables will always remain safe.

NOTE: We DO enforce player harassment, and cheating. If you are caught stealing, that is your one and final strike for harassment if the victim complains. However, if you glitched or exploited entry to a base, you will be banned.

“Player Harassment” and “Cheating / Glitching / Exploiting” are ban-able offenses

Will the server ever change to full PVP?

  • No. We may temporarily switch to PVP as a last resort if we cant properly hold an event via PVE Tribe War, but only for the purpose of an event.

NOTE: Taking hostile action while in PVE will be considered player harassment. Things such as picking up and relocating another player’s dinos, or locking in cages or behind walls are against the rules.

“Player Harassment” and “Picking up players against their will” are ban-able offenses

What are the rules of war if I decide to initiate a tribe war?

  • There are no preset rules, the only rules are what you set between you and another player. Due to PVE, PVP is only possible between willing participants that discuss their own terms beforehand, PVP is allowed for role-playing or real-life tribe wars (if players agree to it).

NOTE: Players cannot lie, trick, or misguide others into a tribe war. Both players must fully understand and agree to the terms. Terms can be posted in discord along with a public agreement between both players, otherwise, admins will not enforce or fix a wrongful fallout without proof that war rules were broken.

“Inside Raiding” “Toxic Behavior” and “Player Harassment are ban-able offenses

Will you install other mods?

  • No, we will only use mods that unlock core game dinos, resources or items, and avoid most other mods to ensure stability. Our server is essentially vanilla, but with DLC items and dinos available on The Island map, there are no plans to add any other mods.

Where can I find *DLC item/resource/dino*?

  • At the time of writing, we are still discovering DLC resource locations ourselves; however, we encourage all players to visit this page and take their attention to the Right-hand sidebar that displays the mods. Clicking a mod will take you to that mod’s steam page, where the mod creators list the locations and spawn areas in the details page. That is the only information we (Admins) have in regards to DLC locations.

I cant find a specific dino, are you sure they are in the game?

  • Yes, All extra DLC dino spawns have been verified during a 6 day testing period through a tedious method of manually searching and confirming DLC dinos in the wild, performing double checks and wild dino wipes as each mod was installed, and triple-checking after additional wild wipes once all mods where loaded. Extra players and new foundations will change the wild dino spawn rate and rarity accordingly.