Welcome to DinosInTheSky!

This is an Ark Survival Evolved Server Cluster For GuyInTheSky’s The Flock Community!

Our Mission is to provide a nostalgic ark experience by avoiding mods and encouraging light roleplay to accomplish
long-lasting gameplay within our community. (There are no server wipes)

The Island is PVE Role Play only, and Crystal Isles switches to PVP weekends, in order to accommodate all players.
We also post server lore, created by staff and dedicated members of the community!

Please look around and enjoy all our community has to offer.
Connect to the ark servers below, or come say hello in our Discord Server!

The above auto-join buttons only work with steam (when open). To join from Epic, you must copy and paste the following:
into the “join server” search bar in the ark title menu. *Epic players can only play on Crystal Isles*

Don’t forget to read our rules, and check the F.A.Q